aboStudio Synology NAS Dust-proof Kit - Synology DS220+ DS920+ DS720+

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All-round Dust-proof
Stable Running

It is specially designed for the structure of various models of NAS. According to the air duct of the NAS, a dust-proof net is added to the dust inlet to effectively prevent dust and keep it clean.
Dust filter aperture is only 0.8mm, as thin as 0.45mm, so that even small floating dust will be decelerated quickly and stay on the edge of the ash inlet when passing through the mesh surface, which is easy to clean.

Simple Design
Quick Installation

Dust-proof Kit S01

- DS218+ in the picture

Dust-proof Kit S03

- DS920+ in the picture

Dust-proof Kit S05

- DS1618+ in the picture

Dust-proof Kit S07

- DS1817+ in the picture